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Amort Construction

Commercial Rough Carpentry & Exterior Finish Wood Specialists Serving Southern California

Delivering Quality Craftsmanship For Over 35 Years

Amort Construction has been serving Southern California since 1983. Specializing in quality workmanship and a “can do attitude”, Amort partners with their clients to deliver innovative solutions for all types of commercial applications.  

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Commercial Structural & Cosmetic Improvements

  • Structural framing upgrades.
  • Roof systems – HVAC reinforcements, platforms & head-outs, retrofits and beam repairs
  • Tenant improvement backing/support packages
  • Vertical and facade framing
  • Stair structures
  • Park trellises, benches, planters


Commercial Woodworking Experts

Amort takes great price in providing exceptional workmanship and superior grade materials to fulfill our clients needs.  After many years of providing rough carpentry and exterior finish services to the commercial industry, Amort Construction’s team of experienced professionals operate with the highest levels of integrity, quality, and safety in all they do.